Parting and Grooving


Basically parting and grooving operations are defined by being 3-sided cut operations, right+left flank side and front side. Typically used to produce grooves and to cut-off (parting) pieces in a turning machine.

Current Lamina´s Inserts Range

Note: The PP chipbreaker is available only for 3mm size

NN chipbreaker

• Available –GCTX 3003 ( Width = 3 mm ) –GCTX 2002( Width = 2 mm )

• Application – Multi-MAT – Parting off and Grooving – 1st choice for Hard and short chipping materials

PP chipbreaker

• Available –Only for GCTX 3003 ( Width = 3 mm )

• Application – Multi-MAT – 1st choice for soft and sticky materials – Parting off and Grooving – Turning with small d.o.c. up to 0.5mm PARTING & GROOVING fixing options (tool holder)

Tool holders have a fixed overhang and it doesn´t allow any adjustment on it. Best option for parting pieces diameter = 30mm.

PARTING & GROOVING fixing options (blade system)

Best option for parting pieces diameter <= 30mm. The shallow grooves are better performed when the overhang is minimized in order to avoid blade deflections and vibration risks. Economically is also better due to the 2 pockets/blade.

Test Details

•Test Purpose

•Evaluate GCTX geometries •Inserts

•GCTX 3003 PP

•GCTX 3003 NN •Operation: Parting off •Machine: Haas SL30 •Material: 304 Stainless Steel •Tool: LT-PNB-32 -3 •Cutting Parameters

•Vc = 0~90 m/min

•Fz = 0.08 mm Ø 30 to 10 mm

•Fz = 0.04 mm Ø 10 to 0 mm

Field test •Inserts tested

•Competitor : xxx •Lamina: GCTX 3003 PP LT1000

• Tool holder LT-PNG-R 16-3-0 •Operation: Parting off •Material: Stainless AISI 304 -1.4301 •Machine: Mazak Quick turn 32 •Cutting Parameters

Vc = 110m/minfn= 0.10

DOC = 15 mm

WOC = 3 mm

Work piece diameter= 30mm

Wet operation

Test was performed by Helvet


In summary, for successful parting and grooving machining, it is very important to select the chip breaker based on the type of chips ( long chips = PP and short chips = NN ) as well as the total length to be machined, in case of it is necessary less than 15mm, the blade-system allows to have a stronger set-up because it is possible to adjust the total cut length, positioning the blade shorter than the tool holder, offering less deflection risks and increasing the cutting parameters.

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