New Face Milling Insert: HNKX 0604-45

Face Milling is the most common Milling Operation and it is largely applied in many different types of Industries (Automotive, Aerospace, Mold and Die, …). It has a wide variety of applications, from light to heavy. The mostly used milling cutter is the 45° approach angle due to the balance between reduced vibration risks and chip thinning effect, which increases productivity.

Face Milling Lamina Line

Due to the huge variety of applications and distinguished needs, it is necessary to have a wide range of products, in order to provide the largest application coverage. Recently Lamina launched its 12-Cutting Edges insert and down we will show its features in comparison with the inserts we have currently in our Face Milling line.

Face Milling Positive Inserts: Main Features

Face Milling Negative Inserts: Main Features

Face Milling HNKX 0604-45: Main Features

Insert HNKX 0604-45: Pocket Seat

The Milling Cutter was designed to offer optimized support on the main direction of cutting forces. The pocket walls were also placed and designed to offer the best clamping angle, working like a wedge, increasing the pocket clamping stability.

Maximum D.O.C. (Ap) and Approach Angle

Wiper Flat = Better Surface

Cutting Edge Design & Supporting Area

• Smooth cut

• Good Chip Evacuation

• Less Risk Vibration

• Better Surface Quality


• Application

– Roughing to Finishing


• Features

– Economical with 12 cutting edges

– Positive edge reduces cutting forces

– Universal geometry

– Wide range of Diameters and Couplings


HNKX – LT 645 Cutters: Screw Coupling

HNKX – LT 645 Cutters: Shell Mill

HNKX – LT 645 Cutters: End Mill


HNKX 0604-45 is an economical solution for face milling, providing 12 cutting edges with good surface quality (wiper flat), smooth cut (positive rake angle) and it is available in our 2 Premium Grades LT 3000 & LT 3130. Its Milling Cutters Program is also comprehensive, covering from diam. 25 to 125mm. HNKX was developed to complement our Face Milling Line, but most importantly, it has clear potential to become one of our leading milling inserts, contributing to strengthen even more Lamina position in this segment.

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