New Copy Milling family: RXM_ 10 & 12

Copy milling (also called profile milling) is the operation used to produce 3D surfaces. In this milling segment, round insert cutters are the most popular type of tools. The tip of this week is about our new family of round milling inserts RXM_ 10 & 12, with details about its main features and applications.

Round inserts - operations

Versatility is one of the reasons why round insert cutters are so popular. These milling tools can work well in a wide variety of operations:

  • Face Milling

  • 3D Copying

  • Pocket Milling

  • Ramping

  • Plunging

  • Helical Interpolation

Round inserts - strength

Another important advantage of the round milling inserts design is its high strength. When compared with other insert designs, round inserts have the strongest shape, which means reliability even under unstable conditions.

Traditional RDM_ inserts line

Our traditional copy milling line, RDM_ inserts line, is very successful. The fact that it does not have flats on the side allows customers to have 4 to 8 insert indexes, depending on the depth of cut, which makes it a very economical concept.

RDM_ inserts have their side surfaces fully round The possible disadvantage of this design is that with high depths of cut, vibration or high cutting forces, the insert might rotate inside the pocket. Carbide is a brittle material, a slight move of the insert in the cutter pocket reduces substantially tool life

Where maximum stability is needed

Above we see a slender part, turbine blade, with very high vibration tendency. This is a case where insert pocket stability is critical for success. Our new line of round inserts RXM_ 10 & 12 was developed for high performance in such extreme conditions.

Let us show you a test report of this application, in a segment that offers many opportunities for Lamina worldwide.

Country: Switzerland

Machine: Starrag

Workpiece: Turbine blade

Material: AISI 301 (forged)

Op: Profile milling

Each part of the blade was machined by a dedicated cutter body The parts number 2 and 3 are the most challenging ones, due to vibrations and higher variation of d.o.c. from 1mm up to 5mm. Our inserts machined with MQL (minimum quantity of lubricant) while the competitor machined with normal coolant. The customer target was to machine one part per cutting edge. For process security, every part was machined with new cutting edges.

New RXM_ line - improved stability



In the new RXM_ round inserts line, we offer the same proven geometries of our traditional RDM_ line.


The new RXM_ round inserts line is available in our 2 premium grades


RXM…10T3M0 – LT 101

• End-mills from D25mm to D32

• Screw coupling from D25mm to D32 • Shell-mills from D40mm to 66mm

RXM…1204M0 – LT 121

• End-mills D40mm

• Screw coupling D40mm

• Shell-mills from D40mm to 80mm

Cutter bodies – RXM…


Lamina’s new family of round inserts RXM_ 10 & 12 provides the highest performance in copy milling operations, thanks to its improved pocket stability in combination with Magia and Magia Pro grades. This is a reliable and versatile line that covers a wide variety of applications, being especially recommended to machine high value-added parts, such as turbine blades for the power generation industry, where process security is essential.

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