New Lamina Catalogue 2017 - 2018

We all know, the Lamina catalogue has always been loved by our customers, mainly because of its smaller size and easiness to handle, to find the tools and recommended cutting parameters.

However, with the significant growth of our product line, it has become necessary to make changes and improvements on its traditional format. We will try to explain these changes and the logic behind them, so you can make the best use of this great information tool.

Catalogue size

Slightly bigger size improves the catalogue readability, but keeps its practicality, as it is still smaller and easier to handle than A4 size catalogues.

Turning tabs

The turning inserts are now separated by shape, just enough tabs for an easy and efficient way to get the information needed.

Milling tabs

The milling products are now organized by application type In milling, it is easier to find the right solution when we start from the customer need.

Turning pages format

Addition of useful information for right insert selection:

• Interrupted or continuous cut recommendation

• Speed range

• Type of coating

• Recommended workpiece materials

Milling pages format

Addition of useful information for right insert selection:

• Corner radius

• Number of cutting edges

• Cutter line

• Recommended workpiece materials


Cutter lines code key

Addition of a cutter lines code key with a list relating each cutter line with its fitting inserts.

Cutting Speeds

Cutting speed depends on grades and not on geometries, which means the values are always the same for the inserts of same grade By having a separated table for speeds, we avoid the repetition of this information in all parameters pages, and thanks to that, the depth of cut and feed tables become more readable.

Depth of cut and feed

Inserts that work with same depth of cut and feed rate do not need a different table.

No repetition of speed here, improving readability of depth of cut and feed.

Footnote in each insert page informs the index page where the parameters page numbers are indicated.

Technical Guide

It has been created a new “Technical Guide” section, placed in the end of the catalogue, with important and useful information such as:

• Effective diameter for right calculation of RPM in high-feed and round insert cutters

• High-Feed programming radius

• Helical interpolation tips

• Ramping down instructions

• Coolant guide

• etc.

All the relevant information from the traditional “User Guide”, initial part of last catalogue edition, has been incorporated into this new “Technical Guide” section.

Our catalogue is now even more complete, with more products, more technical information and improved readability, while having less tabs and less pages than the previous edition. We are happy to have this efficient information tool to support the sales process.

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