Differential Pitch in Milling

Definition of PITCH for milling cutters and solid end-mills: Pitch is the distance (angle) between the teeth and is typically shown in degrees. Let´s have a look at differential pitch in milling, its benefits and application.

PITCH : Equal or Differential

  • Equal pitch – The angles between the teeth are exactly the same.

  • Differential pitch – The angles between the teeth are not the same, there is an angular variation between them.

Equal Pitch and its WAVES

Internal waves are created by the teeth in contact with the workpiece during the milling process.

This continuous periodicity of contact between teeth and workpiece reinforces the amplitude of the waves like below, generating unwanted VIBRATION.

The equal pitch keeps the cutting frequency in the same level, the frequency creates the resonance that drives the vibration. It decreases the insert tool life and workpiece surface quality as well.

Differential Pitch Effect

Using cutters built with differential pitch design, the frequency will not be the same and the amplitude has variation, it eliminates positively the resonance reducing or eliminating the vibration.

When the cutters are built with differential pitch design, the teeth have a different space between them (see the angles). This means that during the milling process, the teeth will not cut the workpiece within the same frequency, it breaks the frequency and reduces the undesired vibration effect.


The modern Lamina cutters are built with differential pitch design, and it brings valuable benefits as it can be seen below:

• Reduces or eliminates chattering and vibrations.

• Improves the surface quality.

• Increases stability.

• Extends tool life.

• Longer life of machine components like spindles and their bearings.

Lamina cutter lines with differential pitch

LT 310- TPKN/R 1603

LT 320- TPKN/R 2204

LT 610- SEKT 12T3 AGSN

LT 645- HNKX 0604-45

LT 731- APKT 1604

LT 741- APKT 100304/08/12/16

LT 745- APKT 100332/40

LT 101- RX... 10T3MO

LT 121- RX... 1204 MO

LT 752 - APKT 06...

LT 805- OFMT 050405

LT 902 -SDKX 12

LT 903 -SDKX 09

LT 946- SNKX 1205-45

LT 947- SNKX 1607-45

LT 987- ONKX 0806-45


Our Solid endmills, MAGIA LT 4000, 90°- 4 flutes, are produced with differential Pitch design

See bellow the range of solid end mills offered with Differential Pitch design:


The cutters built with differential pitch design bring several benefits, such as longer tool life and better surface finishing, regardless of the workpiece material. Emphasize these benefits to our customers and increase their motivation to apply Lamina tools and boost performance.

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