LT 1110S

Strong enough to tackle even the toughest high temperature alloys. 

Introducing Magia Pro LT 1110S premium turning grade for maximum efficiency in turning high temperature alloys. 

- First choice for S material group

- Sub-micron substrate and nano-structured PVD coating

- Positive geometries designed to reduce plastic deformation and crater wear

- PVD coating with low chemical affinity and low friction co-efficiency 

- Sharp cutting edges 

- High wear resistance 

New NS Chipbreaker

New chipbreaker specifically developed for the challenges of turning High Temperature Alloys.

Sharp edge to cut through even the  most difficult alloys

Highly positive geometry for better finish

Specially designed defectors facilitate chip flow, eliminating heat build up in the work zone

The NX Chipbreaker

New LT 1110S turning grade is also available with our best selling, general purpose NX chipbreaker.

Fully positive rake angle for smoothing chip evacuation 

Precisely positioned defectors for perfect chip control

Addition of bumps designed to avoid crater wear